Why Laptop Laidback is a notch above the competition

Light and Portable

Weighing in at less than 3 lbs/ 1.8 kg, this ergonomic laptop desk can be taken anywhere. It’s universal design makes it light to move and easy to fit into overhead airline baggage.

Quick and Easy Setup

With simplicity in mind, Laptop Laidback requires no tools for setup. By simply putting the T-knobs in place, adjusting the components and tightening, clients will be installed and browsing the web in no time.

Additional Features

This general purpose desk comes included with velcro squares and movable clips. Attach the velcro to the bottom of your laptop securing it in place and use the clips to prevent the laptop from sliding to your midsection.

No “ordinary” plastic

Our reclining desk is composed of long lasting material similar to the wheels of a wheelchair. Having durability without brittleness is a top priority. The framework for our ergonomic desk is achieved using an ABS and glass fiber formula.

Custom Angle Locks

Everyone is build differently. With angle locks every 5 degrees, our adaptive desk allows the user to lock-in where they are comfortable. Markers are provided to record the ideal height and angle that works for you. The desk adapts to you, so you don’t need to adapt to it.

No Excess Bulk

Laidback Laptop’s compact design enables users to work on various interfaces from a reclined or lying position. From sofa’s and cot’s to queen size beds this universal desk is both functional and spacious.

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Laptop Bed Table Design

Our team of experts developed this reclining laptop bed table with one thing in mind – functionality. During the prototyping of our project, we aimed to make our product adjustable, strong and light. Basing designs on wooden version that we had previously marketed, our inventors tried a variety of high tech plastics until they achieved the right balance, strength and flex.

After 10 years in the marketplace, we are proud to say that our high quality design has satisfied ten’s of thousands of users worldwide. From hard working professionals to mobility impaired individuals, clients come in all shapes and sizes. To make our design universal we quickly realized, that the keyboard needed to be strategically positioned and the framework needed to be adjustable to conform to user needs and technological variation.

One Desk Fits All Mobility Issues

Having long term health issues is never fun and can be a problem if you are trying to further your education or build a career. If you have a spinal cord injury, suffer from multiple sclerosis or are confined to a wheelchair, having the ability to work from horizontal position needs to be a priority. By purchasing Laptop Laidback you are investing in a workstation that is customizable your every needs. Our adaptive desks seek to aid the mobility impaired by by allowing extended laptop time and not jeopardizing health or comfort.

While long term disability issues can leave you unable to seek employment, short term setbacks can also leave you temporarily immobile and waiting rehabilitation. By investing into one of our mobility impaired desks you can improve your quality of life by staying engaged and productive. If you are trying to work through pain, it can be the life changing solution you are searching for.

Comments left by our customer on HealthBoards.com

"This product should be standard issue for anyone awaiting or recuperating-from surgery."

Mobility restricted user

"The best solution... and I've tried and seen a few. I've been a paraplegic for 11 years and I've had some real problems with pressure sores since I sit so much. As I work at home on a computer, instead of sitting, I work from my bed lying down to relieve any pressure. The Laptop Laidback allows me to do that easily."

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