Assembly Videos

Step-By-Step Assembly Instructions

1. Using the longer T-knobs, attach “A” marked legs to the table bottom about half way along the slot / track ….. toothed wheel of each leg should face away from each other & not towards each other.

2. Attach, using the shorter T-knobs, a leg “B” to each leg “A”.

3. Use the alignment markers near the shorter T-knobs & on leg “B” to lock each leg at the same angle. Typically, when locked between the two longer markers the table is comfortable to work with.

4. Place a laptop on the table and lift combination over yourself (while in a reclined position). Adjust height and angle until your fingertips reach the keyboard with your elbows on the bed.

5. Move the grey stoppers / ledges left or right along the bottom edge of the table until they are not in the way of any front edge laptop ports or controls.  Move them so they are not touching / irritating your wrists.  Tighten snugly at this location.  If these ledges are too tall, turn them around to provide a lower profile.

Assembly Instructions 5-Step

Connecting leg “B” to leg “A” with short T-knob

Alignment markers achieve same angle every time

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