Laptop Bed Table Design

DesignThe Laidback laptop bed table has been designed for everyone to use at any time in their life. People do not need to be bedridden or injured to use this product, as it was created to assist everyone with being more comfortable when working on their computer.

Laptop Table Building Material

Construction ToolsThis laptop bed table top has been made from a material that is similar to what is used in the wheels of a wheelchair, so it is durable and practically indestructible. The entire desk frame is been made from ABS and glass fibers, so it is sturdy and will never bend or break apart. A key feature to the reclining laptop desk is that a person can set up the Laidback laptop bed table in a couple of minutes, without using any tools.

Angle Locks to Hold your Laptop in Place

Since everyone is not the same size or comfortable in the same position, the reclining laptop bed table has multiple angle locks. These locks have been placed at every five degrees, so each individual can lock the bed table at the spot that they are comfortable in. There are even convenient indicator markers so people can record the height and angle that they have found works best for them. This is a nice feature, especially if a person uses this reclining laptop bed table in bed and in their chair.

Every laptop bed table is equipped with Velcro squares and movable clips. The Velcro attaches to a person’s laptop and the clips prevent the laptop from sliding off of the bed table when it is being used. Woman Working on Bed

Lightweight Laidback Table

The Laidback laptop bed table weighs less than three pounds, so it is convenient to take anywhere at any time. It fits inside a carry-on bag for travel or a bag that a person is taking to the park or other place that they are going to.

Everyone will love the sleek design of the Laidback laptop bed table, especially when they find that they can use their computer and be comfortable at the same time. People will find that they can accomplish more on their computer when they are using the laptop bed table, because they will not have to keep switching positions as they are trying to find the best spot to work.

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