Materials Used to Craft the Laptop Bed Table

DesignThe materials that are currently used in the Laidback laptop bed table were not the ones that we used in our original design. Our original design was made from wood and while it was a great bed table, it lacked many important features that we wanted to implement for our customers.

The 3 Goals:

Laidback Laptop had three main goals as we began our laptop desk research.

1. Our product had to be extremely durable
2. Our product had to be light and easy to take anywhere
3. Our product had to be adjustable for everyone of all shapes and sizes

The Material Choosing Process

Countless years of thought went into the process of deciding which materials to use and there was a lot of trial and error on our part. We knew that there was a material out there that would be strong yet light enough to be portable. We tried numerous types of high tech plastics and ruled out the ones that did not have the strength or flexibility that our product needed. For the desk, we chose a material that is similar to the material that wheelchair wheels are made from. This is what makes the desk durable, yet it is not brittWheel and Hand on Chairle and will not break apart. The framework needed to be made from a different material than the desk and for that we chose a mixture of ABS and glass fiber. These materials allow the frame to be adjusted for everyone who is using the laptop bed table.

It took us quite some time to get the materials figured out, but we know that we chose the ones that will last forever. We didn’t want our customers to buy a laptop bed table and then replace it after a year or two. We wanted them to buy one and be so happy with it that they would go out and tell their friends and family and even strangers who wonderful it is and how they cannot live without it. The only way that we could achieve that was to deliver a product that would last a lifetime.

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