Product and Company History

Product Evolution

About Us : Our History Laidback We “R” Inc. was incorporated in November 1996 shortly after responding to a need in the marketplace. A few months before that, one of the company principals, Doug Martell, a high school physics teacher, purchased his first laptop computer. Having to do lots of research, lesson planning and record keeping on this laptop meant long hours hunched over the keyboard with neck strained to see the screen. Why couldn’t using a laptop be as comfortable as curling up with a good book? … which for most readers means simply lying down. In theory, back in ’96 and even today, it should be very simple to get comfortable with a laptop computer by reclining. The simple recipe should be to lay on your back and place the keyboard on your lower abdomen and screen against the knees. The unexpected result of that arrangement is that a couple of minutes of it is about all you can tolerate. It gets too hot, too heavy and it wobbles around as it is typed on.

There had to be a better way, and certainly someone must have solved this problem. On-line shopping was chugging right along in ’96 so finding a solution should have been relative easy. An extensive search, told us no such product existed. Exemplifying “necessity as the mother of invention”, we fastened a few pieces of fiberboard together to determine if some arrangement could solve the problem. It was not a pretty site and for that very reason we still keep this original “prototype” well hidden in the vault. It did however reveal that comfort would be possible for reclined laptop users. Within six months of purchasing that laptop, we went to market in April 1997 with our first version. It had maple legs and a high density-fiberboard surface. It had some adjustability but was pretty much a “one-size-fits-all” device.

Over the next few years version 2 evolved as it was downsized and made infinitely more adjustable and compact to the point where it could be considered portable. Throughout the early 2000’s sales were picking up nicely and the “LAIDBACK” became entirely a maple hard wood product.  In 2005, with much greater demand for the product, we invested in a wood shaping facility to allow us to be more efficient with the manufacture of the hardwood version.

 Three years later, in response to greater demand and for a lighter product, and one providing access to front edge ports, we redesigned to allow its components to be injection molded. Molds were designed, manufactured and since the summer of 2008 we have been in the marketplace with a glass-fiber-reinforced ABS version. This version has all the qualities we’d ever hope to have in the product. It’s light, durable and easy to assemble. The most important feature is it ability to place a laptop where it precisely needs to be for each user.

That advantage has allowed us to grow to the point where we have fulfillment solutions in USA,Canada,UK and in Hong Kong. This allows us to serve our customers quickly and with very reasonable shipping charges. For the last decade and a half we’ve comforted the aching population of laptop users. We’re all about comfort because humans are comfort creatures. The office chairs we buy, the accessories we want in our vehicles, the shoes we select, the clothes, the golf clubs, the tennis rackets and the multitude of other gizmos are all chosen carefully to eliminate discomfort.

The Laptop Laidback is simply another device with the sole purpose to reduce the pain and increase the quality of time spent within our workspace, which for many includes a laptop for extended periods daily. People continue to seek comforting solutions. That is evidenced by heavy expenditures on special footware, recliners, beds, mattresses, chairs and other ergonomic gear. The realistic expectation is that the right product will increase their comfort level.

It is our mission to deliver such comfort to laptop owners at an affordable price. In view of the cost of many comforting “accessories”, we know that our mission has been successful. Taking into account the many hours per day you’ll enjoy using the LAIDBACK and the many years of use it will provide, you’ll recognize LAPTOP LAIDBACK as an extremely good value. As we move through 2015, having set the bar for comfortably using a laptop, we invite you to take your computing to that level.