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Great Product … Awesome Service !
Fantastic Product .. thanks

Product is everything that is described to be. Simple order process, great service when I requested a fast delivery. This product is ideal for busy people like me who ends up on bed-rest.

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Surgery Survival .. Thanks !
… for making my online life possible

I am a patient who has a failed back surgery which prevents me from sitting so I am beyond grateful to my laid-back for making my life online possible. My Mac Air is velcroed to the laid-back and allows me to type while almost completely flat-Truly a great product!

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Exactly What I was Looking For
I was looking for something just like this, thank you!

I’ve suffered with neck and back pain for many years now. I spend a lot of time on the laptop working and this is the only product I’ve found that helps me take the pain away! Thank you very much! I’ve ordered two more Laptop Laidback’s for my friends. I’m sure they’ll love it too!

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Para East Coast USA
A paraplegic’s point of view

The best solution … and I’ve tried and seen a few
I’ve been a paraplegic for 11 years and I’ve had some real problems with pressure sores since I sit so much. As I work at home on a computer, instead of sitting I work from my bed lying down to relieve any pressure. The Laptop Laidback allows me to do that easily.

Once out of rehab, I started looking for something that would work lying down. I even asked the Occupational Therapist if she knew of a product. She recommended a wooden book holder. Although it was a very nice book holder, it didn’t work for a laptop. I saw the Laptop Laidback on Amazon and decided to try it. I’m very happy with it and use it every day.

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You have the best productLaptop
By far, it is the better of the two I’ve used

I have tested both, and yes, yours has the best conception.
– It’s less heavy
– It’s dimension are perfect, neither too small or too big
– It’s more stable (really more stable)
– The design is well adapted for all kinds of computer

Using a competitors aluminum table with my notebook I was not able to adjust the height.

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PG from the United KingdomLaptop
Intend to use it long after broken leg heals.

I’ve thrown my previous model of laptop desk out the window.
This one is excellent. In fact once my broken leg has cleared up, I’ll still be using this to program my new website in a horizontal position! Hehe.
Works sitting, lying, leaning, sofa, floor, bed…

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Exactly what’s needed for BACK PAIN sufferersLaptop
Computer user of 43 years uses product post surgery.

I am very pleased with my “Laptop Laidback.” I just wish I had known about it years ago. I work very long hours in front of a computer and have for 43 years. I have had back problems due to sitting too much/long. I love my “laptop laidback.” I have shown it to several of my friends and co-workers and they said they would be ordering one. I also told my doctor about it because I just had back surgery and he did not want me sitting for 30 minutes or more. I am a Systems Analyst and I sit for long periods of time working and I work from home. and I had to get back to work after 6 weeks of being off from work. So I told him I was working from home laying down using the “laptop laidback.” He asked about it and I sent him the link. So now he wants one and he said he would tell his patients too. So, you will be getting more orders from San Antonio for sure.

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… literally changed my life.Laptop
Multiple Sclerosis patient can enjoy hours of computing.

Due to my multiple sclerosis I spend a considerable amount of time in bed. Most of my contact with the outside world is done online. Because I was unable to find a comfortable lying position I had to cut my online activity short leaving me feeling bored and even lonely. But since I got the Laptop Laidback I now spend as much time online as I like. I can chat with friends, update my blog and read articles all day long. I enjoy hours of stress-free laptop computing thanks to the Laptop Laidback.

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Perfectly DesignedBrian Devereaux

A great product. Easily adjusts to accommodate anyone and everyone. Ideal for catching up on the days news or surfing the web before retiring for the night